Friday, January 10, 2014

The Dewars: Switzerland

Brady Bigalke: Director of 'Switzerland' and founder of Noble Light Productions

Have you ever felt like there's a World War inside of you? I have ... it's called making a music video on a low budget. Six months ago NobleLight teamed up with The Dewars in St. Augustine, Florida to represent their song 'Switzerland'. 'Switzerland' compares the internal battle in one's self with the historic battles in World War II. I have lived in St. Augustine for 7 years now and heard a lot of music around town but it wasn't until this dynamic duo hit the scene that a light went off. I was doing my thing, drinking a PBR at No Name Bar and there it was ... Switzerland. A few weeks and a hundred plays of their song later, I met with Anthony and Zachary Dewar at Cafe 11 with a concept and an open mind.

Since the main subject is World War II, I knew right away I wanted to combine their twin powers with some historic footage and personalities in a stylish way - not just your straight forward live-action video. After more brainstorming and obsessing, I decided to pick up some good ol' fashion green screen armor and test it out. We liked where it was headed and I knew it was going to be a gruesome battle in post but my passion for music and history would keep me fighting for the vision.

Filming at the Castillo de San Marcos Fort

For the look of the different countries involved (Germany, Switzerland, England, America) I thought we were going to have to do a little traveling to find the right locations. But fortunately we were able to find all of them right here in St. Augustine, a melting pot of heritage influences since 1565.

There was five days of shooting and over 200 hours of editing. To assemble it all I used Photoshop, Motion 4 and Final Cut Studio 7 with over 15 layers on the timeline and a number of key frames and rotoscopes. I couldn't have done it without my iMac, yoga ball and coffee. It was another brutal battle in St. Augustine but one of the first that no one got hurt.

I always enjoy projects that I get to collaborate with other artists and I really appreciate the amount the input, ideas and care The Dewars have for their work. This scene below is the intro of the video but we filmed it last.

Once we were satisfied with the edit and video game retro look we released it into the world and awaited feedback. 'Switzerland' by The Dewars was well received by names we never expected including MTV, VH1 and MuchMusic. In 2013 it screened in the Egyptian Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard at The Arpa International Film Festival and received Best Music Video at The Miami Short Film Festival. In 2014 'Switzerland' received Best Music Video at the Macon Film Festival and continues its run at the Atlanta Film Festival and London Independent Film Festival.

Garuman's Egyptian Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard


Receiving 'Best Music Video' at the 2013 Miami Short Film Festival

Check out The Dewars and their new EP "Adult-Sing-A-Longs"

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