Friday, February 14, 2014

Light Art Photography

Brady Bigalke

Light Art Photography dates back to 1889 when Georges Demeny and √Čtienne-Jules Marey developed several photographic techniques to study the movements of everything from humans to horses. Together they created the first known light painting photograph by attaching incandescent bulbs to the joints of a person and taking a long exposure.

There were a number of artists that experimented with this form including Man Ray, Gjon Mili and Pablo Picasso. Contemporary artists such as Darren PearsonMichael Bosanko, Vicki DaSilvaJanne Parviainen, and Eric Curry are continuing to innovate the potential of light art.

Pablo Picasso - 1939. Photographed by Gjon Mili.

Eric Curry - from his series "American Pride and Passion"

Light art is an extension of long exposure photography. The shutter of the camera is left open for a desired time and gathers all of the light and information created in the scene. Once the shutter closes, the camera will display the result. 

Brady Bigalke - St. Augustine Palms

Most DSLR cameras are capable of 30 second exposures and remote timers like the Canon TC-80N3 will allow any length exposure.

I like to break down light art into two basic styles: on-camera light and off-camera. On-camera light is any light you are using in the frame. In film, these are called "practicals".

Brady Bigalke - St. Augustine Lighthouse

Your off-camera light is any light being used to expose your scene from out of the frame or composition.

Brady Bigalke - St. Augustine Biplane Rides

In many cases I find myself combining on-camera and off-camera light. Watch the demonstration below and message us with any questions including how to perform this technique. 

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